steam cleaning effectively combats coronavirus

If used properly, they remove up to 99.999% of enveloped viruses, such as the coronavirus and 99.99% of common household bacteria from hard surfaces.

At the present time, disinfectants are to be reserved primarily for outpatient and inpatient care, but steam cleaners can make a valuable contribution to general hygiene – both in private households and in commercial and industrial use.

When cleaning walls, floors or furniture, germs, bacteria and viruses can be effectively fought with professional steam cleaners. The steam emerges from the nozzle in very fine droplets and, depending on the type of appliance, at a maximum temperature of 100°C and a maximum pressure of 3 to 4 bar. The acceleration is about 170 km/h. Therefore, the steam reaches all cracks or rubber folds where brushes or cloths can hardly reach. In this way, hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned hygienically and thoroughly. According to the information currently available, enveloped viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 are rendered harmless at a temperature of 56°C. Experts also speak of virus processing. With a cleaning speed of 30 centimetres per second, the high temperature of the steam cleaners and steam vacuums are likely enough to inactivate enveloped viruses.

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