Floor Cleaning

Industrial & Commercial Floor cleaning Service

We cater for all types of floors, large or small, and offer a range of services to suit you so you get the most cost effective floor cleaning service for your business.

Scrubber Dryers clean floors and vacuum in a single pass. This hygienically removes dirt and germs which cannot accumulate in a manual cleaning cloth or mop. The risk of contamination via hands is also reduced by contact-free cleaning. The use of scrubber dryers also increases efficiency: Thanks to the higher area output, a larger area can be cleaned in a shorter time.

Scrubber Dryers can be used for the disinfection of floors. Detergent can be added precisely in the correct quantity thanks to dosing systems. The disinfectant solution is simply applied to the floor with the Scrubber Dryer. Then the surface is allowed to dry. Thorough cleaning has been proven to remove over 90% of micro-organisms and germs from surfaces. Killing micro-organisms to a level that is neither harmful to health nor impairs the quality of food.

We also have a range of professional steam cleaning equipment. Effective against bacteria and viruses in commercial and industrial use and, if used properly, remove up to 99.999% of enveloped viruses, such as the coronavirus and 99.99% of common bacteria from hard surfaces.

Why use our Floor cleaning services?

•  Local Somerset firm
•  Environmentally-friendly Family Business
•  A range of specialist floor cleaning solutions
•  Minimum disruption to your business
•  Free quotes and site surveys.

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