Environmental Policy


Dirt Clean is a privately-owned company specialising in Floor cleaning and Restoration.

We recognise that our activities impact on the environment, and as such we have created an environmental policy to help identify and minimise these impacts.

We ensure that our policy is:

  • Regularly checked, updated and agreed by our senior management team
  • Available to the public, our staff and those working on behalf of the company from Alan Billingsley.
  • Implemented through our day to day activities
  • Monitored for success on an annual basis.
  • Dirt Clean commits to:
  • Preventing pollution from activities at our head office [and on site]
  • Continual environmental improvement
  • Complying with applicable environmental legal and other requirements.

The company aims to mitigate the risk of an environmental incident. However, in the event of an incident that may lead to pollution, the company will put in place response plans to reduce the potential impact on the environment. Dirt Clean recognises our duty to inform the Environment Agency in the event of pollution being caused by our activities.

Dirt Clean aims to:

  • Minimise production of waste and increase recycling rates by following the waste hierarchy (reduce, reuse, recycle)
  • Minimise consumption of energy and water
  • Minimise the environmental impact of activities on site
  • Minimise emissions from vehicle use
  • Promote the use of materials with recycled content or from sustainably managed sources.

Signed Alan Billingsley   
Company Owner                                                                                 Date: 1st July 2019