An short introduction to our cleaning equipment

At Dirt Clean, we provide a range of specialist cleaning services including pressure washing, hard floor cleaning and steam cleaning for residential, industrial & commercial businesses of all sizes across Somerset, Devon & Cornwall.

Here is a brief introduction to the services we can offer.

Heavy Duty Pressure Washing – for tough and powerful cleaning

Some pressure washer cleaning jobs need a bit more power than is available from a small domestic machine and require the robust high performance only available from a heavy duty pressure washer. We offer a more effective cleaning performance.

Industrial hot & cold water pressure washers

We use a selection of both petrol & diesel, heavy-duty industrial pressure washers, suitable for tough and powerful cleaning.

Our professional hot water pressure washers and high pressure cleaners use water which is heated to 120oc and used under pressure for really deep cleaning. Our Cold Water Pressure Washing, also known as ‘power washing’ or ‘jet washing’ also use water under pressure for powerful cleaning. Both our hot & cold water systems are 250 bar at 3600 psi.

Our equipment is transported on a self-contained, self-powered trailer unit. Ideal for mobile and remote locations. It has a 100m high pressure hose making it well suited for harder to reach areas such as building sites and farms. It also features a 500l water tank onboard so there is no need for a mains water and can run for 3 hours without refilling.

Our pressure washing services include a wide range of surfaces for residential, industrial & commercial businesses including:

• Agricultural buildings
• Pressure washing walls & softwashing
• Outdoor seating areas
• Cladding and Façade Cleaning
• Exterior Entrance Cleaning
• Signage rejuvenation
• Graffiti removal
• Driveways & block paving
• Decking
• Paths & patios

Industrial & Commercial Floor Cleaning

Whatever the surface we have a floor cleaning machine to clean it. Different floor surfaces call for different cleaning machines and we supply a wide range of professional equipment. Our comprehensive range includes walk-behind  scrubber dryers, floor sweepers and vacuum cleaners.

Hard Floor Cleaning

We have an extensive range of industrial & commercial floor cleaners machines for hard surface floors comprising of a large Tennant T500 floor scrubber dryer for use in large areas such as workshops, factories and supermarkets, etc.

Our Medium-sized, Karcher B40 floor scrubber dryer is ideal for retail shops, sports areas and swimming pools, which has easy manoeuvrability so is perfect for smaller areas.

The there is the Karcher 40/10 floor scrubber dryer which has a great compact design for cleaning small, awkward areas such as; cafes or bar areas, etc.

A Scrubber Dryer hygienically removes dirt and germs which can accumulate, they also have effective water collection, and together with the powerful vacuum motor ensures that the floor dries quickly.

Our floor cleaning services include a wide range of surfaces and types of businesses:
  • Heavy Duty Flooring Cleaning
  • Vinyl Flooring Cleaning
  • Karndean Flooring Cleaning
  • Ceramic Tile Cleaning
  • Linoleum Cleaning
  • Surgery Flooring Cleaning
  • Safety Flooring Cleaning
  • Warehouse Floor Cleaning
  • Sports floors
  • Hospital floors
  • GP surgeries
  • Office floors
  • Hotel and reception floors.


Steam Cleaners

Dry steam cleaners are eco-friendly as they reduce the need for harsh cleaning agents and disinfectants, and also use little water. The dry steam penetrates into the surface but is safe to use on any substrate. It is delivered at pressure and destroys hidden bacteria to sanitise the surface, as well removing visible grime and grease.

Industrial Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaning is invaluable where sanitising and deep cleaning are of paramount importance. A dry steam cleaner will produce steam at about 180o C, which means it has an extremely low water content and has excellent anti-bacterial properties. Removing 99.999% of viruses, including Coronavirus from hard surfaces.

We use an industrial steam vacuum cleaner Karcher SGV 8/5 that pressurises to 8 bar and has a powerful wet & dry vacuum function to ensure hygiene-critical environments like kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, hospitals and care homes are kept hygienically clean with minimal operator effort.

The pressurised steam easily cuts through grease and dirt, and the vacuum instantly dries the area being cleaned. It has a detergent function ideal for deep cleaning of large areas like floors, or where a shine or fragrance is preferred and has a small footprint, high handle and large wheels make it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. With short heating up times the SGV combines superb cleaning performance with high convenience.

If you need any advice or further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer a FREE, no-obligation Site Survey & quote.